Installation of photovoltaic systems is not only a matter of attaching them solidly to the chosen surface, but also placing it at the most desired angle, so that it is as efficient as possible. Regardless of whether the installation takes place on the ground or on the roof of a building, it is important that it is carried out with the highest standards of work. This approach ensures that the system will safely withstand a long period of use.

RECA SOLAR offers installation services for photovoltaic modules. Extensive experience, long-term presence in the market and reliable implementation of many international projects has allowed us to create a brand worthy of trust. Knowing the importance of each photovoltaic investment, we guarantee the highest quality service, which will translate into subsequent safety and freedom of use.

Installation of photovoltaic modules – an offer for companies and individuals

Our mounting systems for photovoltaics  are characterised not only by good strength parameters and high quality workmanship, but also ease of installation. We are available for contractors from all over the country. Thanks to our wide offer and high quality service, we have won many satisfied customers who are the best recommendation for our products.

Mounting systems prepared by us are suitable for photovoltaic systems built on both flat and trapezoidal roofs.

We provide comprehensive installation of photovoltaic modules, which is dedicated to both businesses and solar farms.

We implement all projects, starting from simple projects to the most complex installations.

Our work is characterised by exceptional precision and accuracy. We install photovoltaic systems on roofs while maintaining safety precautions. In the case of free-standing systems, we select the method of installation based on the type of location (in the ground or in concrete), taking into account the ground and weather conditions.

Proper installation of photovoltaic modules is a guarantee of efficient operation for many years, so we encourage you to trust our company, which offers the highest quality services, using proven and durable materials.

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