Our above-ground photovoltaic systems are created thanks to the knowledge and experience of our employees, using professional equipment from a modern machinery park.

We design installations based on technical requirements such as panel size or inclination angle. We adjust  above-ground PV systems directly to the weather, ground and installation conditions. All of our projects are subjected to stability testing.

Advantages of photovoltaics on the ground

Photovoltaics on the ground has gained enormous popularity in recent years, which is also constantly growing. Nowadays, you can see photovoltaic installations not only on roofs, but also on plots of land, as well as in the fields. In the latter case, we deal with photovoltaic farms producing large amounts of energy, usually sold to power plants. In contrast, photovoltaics on the ground for one’s own consumption does not require huge area. You generally only need to dedicate a relatively small amount of land to install the panels, especially if the land area is larger than the area available on the roof. This allows you to get more energy and guarantees savings.

Installation offer for free-standing photovoltaic panels

Installation of free-standing photovoltaic panels is a job for a specialised company. Connecting above-ground photovoltaic systems to the grid follows a similar process to roof photovoltaic systems. After the installation of the system for panels, the PV system must be properly installed and connected. This is carried out by a specialist with the appropriate authorisation.

To ensure proper stability of the installation, as well as its resistance to adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to use durable, properly selected and prepared supporting constructions. Supporting frames designed for installing photovoltaic panels must meet the requirements described for this type of system in the building regulations.

We deal with professional installation of free-standing photovoltaic panels, ensuring professional and efficient implementation of the contract.

What distinguishes the Reca RS above-ground PV installations?

For years we have been designing and manufacturing high quality free-standing photovoltaic systems. What influences their final quality?

  • our experience – more than 8 years of presence in Polish and foreign markets allowed us to implement many extensive projects,
  • staff competence – our staff consists of specialists with vast theoretical and practical knowledge,
  • durability and reliability – above-ground PV systems offered by us are covered with the Magnelis® coating, which determines their resistance to corrosion and strength,
  • economy – we implement optimised projects, which thanks to low consumption of materials guarantee competitive and low price and
  • individual approach – each order is approached individually, taking into account the immediate requirements and expectations of the customer.

Above-ground PV systems

Above-ground PV systems make efficient use of available space. Another advantage is easier access to the system than with roof panels. A further advantage is the ease of cleaning. No need to enter the roof. You can wash the system on your own. You just need to have appropriate measures.

Installation of free-standing photovoltaics is safe. The systems are stable and robust, but at the same time a little more expensive. They can be divided into one-supported and two-supported systems, depending on the number of panels. This type of solution is offered mainly to entrepreneurs who have a lot of free land or plan to establish a photovoltaic farm. Above-ground PV systems can be installed on any soil, regardless of how demanding it is.

Above-ground systems – photovoltaics

Photovoltaic above-ground systems can be installed in several ways – by driving or screwing directly into the ground and by attaching to concrete slabs. Properly selected installation ensures long life and proper functioning of the entire system. Our products are characterised by adjustable inclination angle and very durable materials.

We offer our customers assistance in choosing appropriate system for the place where the panels are to be installed. In terms of reliability it is important to determine the wind and snow zones. Depending in which of them the above-ground photovoltaic system it is to be installed, you should choose a specific system.

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