Photovoltaic bifacial systems are innovative installations that allow increased absorption of sunlight by placing panels on both sides of the module – both front and back. In practice, this means increased efficiency and power output, which translates into higher energy yields. Designed in a way that allows maximum exposure of the back of the panel

We design and install bifacial systems – we are one of the first Polish manufacturers to offer a comprehensive installation offer for double-sided photovoltaic modules.

Application of bifacial systems

In the case of bifacial systems, the installation method plays an important role – due to the characteristics of systems based on bifacial modules, it is important to carefully design and install the system, which affects higher yields from the panels.

Our projects are made of highest quality materials, guaranteeing high resistance to corrosion and weather conditions.

Bifacial systems are solutions that are particularly suitable as free-standing installations, e.g. on photovoltaic farms, where their main advantages, such as greater absorption of sunlight and standard size, will contribute to efficient generation of more energy.

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